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Understanding the intricacies and difficulties of tax returns can be very difficult for the average taxpayer. Incorrectly completing your returns or failing to submit them on time can incur penalties of £100 from the first day you’re overdue. The longer the returns are left outstanding, the more these penalties can tot up. And that’s before we get into investigations, fines and even prosecution.

We’re here to prevent this from happening and make the whole process make sense. It’s time to put you back in control.

We handle the whole process for you, making sure that the tax legislation is understood fully, completing any administrative tasks and computations along the way. We will complete the return for you and make sure that if possible, we can minimise your tax liability. It’s simple for us, and we’ll keep you informed at every step to make sure you’re happy with what we do.

If you’re worried about HMRC, don’t be. We can deal with them on your behalf, acting as your agent if you were to be selected for a self-assessment inquiry.

Basically, we can make sure you get the best from your claim process, minimising stress and getting you the best result possible.

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