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As one might expect, there is a great deal of complexity surrounding payroll for charities, that only specialists can understand and deliver. We’re specialists in this field, so you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a dedicated service that will give you peace of mind when outsourcing your payroll management. Our delivery is effective, professional and will minimise any risks, leaving you with full value and giving you and your employees time to focus on the great work that you do.

Understanding the organisational differences is a key part of offering a great outsourced payroll service, and we are well versed in this area. Offering significant benefits to the organisation overall, both in time saving and overall cost, there are also some challenges along the way that are not normally seen in a typical business. We understand these differences and can manage them to the highest standard.

Understanding the different ways in which you staff work is a key factor to giving you a great service. Many members of staff within a charity will work a mixture of part time to full time, and will normally stay with the company for a long period of time. It may be that only a small percentage of your staff will actually receive a payslip each month, especially when you employ mostly volunteers who only get their expenses covered.

Allocating wages, alongside the differences in contract length, zero hours contracts and specific project wage tracking can cause a serious headache for someone unfamiliar with what they are doing.

These issues make keeping everything in house a very tricky process, and one which can leave you feeling stressed and unable to focus on the other important parts of your business.

Thankfully, we offer a service which can remove all of these stresses, giving you control whilst allowing us to do the work, processing all necessary payments and ensuring that your staff turnover is controlled and understood through modern and efficient payroll software. We are here to help you do great work.

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