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Bookkeeping & VAT

Bookkeeping and VAT are important day-to-day financial administration jobs that can easily swallow hours of your valuable time – time you could spend focusing on your charity’s important work instead of running it.

Our team can take these jobs off your hands, doing a fast, precise job, ticking all the boxes with regard to statutory compliance.

Specialist VAT accountants

From hands-on delivery of VAT services to strategic advice, our VAT team will take the weight. They’ll give expert advice on when you should register for VAT and VAT planning, to keep the cost to your charity under control.

That includes guidance on the VAT rating of specific goods and services as well as on the different VAT schemes and payment structures offered by HMRC.

They’ll also manage your VAT registration, or deregistration when that’s appropriate. Your VAT will be calculated, your VAT returns completed, and submitted, all with minimal input required from you. With VAT control and VAT reconciliation, they’ll also make sure your VAT position is accurately reflected in your books.

If you’re concerned about your VAT setup – perhaps a previous accountant didn’t give you good advice – we can run a VAT health check to identify any potential issues and tell you how to fix them.

Should HMRC query your handling of VAT, or launch an investigation, we’ll also be on hand to support.

Bookkeeping services

Good bookkeeping is the foundation on which the financial administration of your charity is built. Without up-to-date, accurate books, everything from your annual accounts to daily decision making is built on shaky ground.

Our bookkeepers will manage your books on a day-to-day basis, including bank reconciliations, fixed assets, records of surplus and deficit, restricted funds and so on. They’ll also take care of invoicing, making sure invoices are sent, followed up and processed.

Perhaps most importantly, they’ll ensure you always have a clear view of your charities current financial and cashflow position.

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