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For limited companies like yours, corporation tax represents a substantial chunk of trading costs. On top of that, you also have to take into account ever-increasing reporting obligations, tougher investigation policies and harsher penalties for non-compliance. Company tax can end up taking up a huge amount of your time – and causing considerable anxiety, too.

To minimise the amount of corporation tax your business pays, and reduce the administrative burden on you, we offer a range of support and advice services.

To begin, we’ll work out the most tax effective structure for your business – is operating as a limited company working for you, or would a partnership or sole trader setup be more efficient?

Then, alongside managing your corporation tax return to HMRC, we’ll carry out detailed tax planning. That includes making sure you take full advantage of tax opportunities and tax relief schemes, for example, and identifying ways to reduce the impact of tax on asset disposals.

We’ll advise you on the optimum capital or revenue tax treatment for your business and identify industry-specific tax reliefs, such as those designed to stimulate the creative industries.

Most importantly, perhaps, we’ll make sure everything you do is fully compliant with statutory guidance, interpreting often confusing rules with confidence, based on experience. Should HMRC query any aspect of your corporation tax return or tax strategy, we’ll also be there to answer their questions and support you in any investigation.

Here’s the bottom line: let us help you get all of this right and your business will be more efficient and more profitable.

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