We are committed to being an inclusive organisation, promoting equality and diversity through recognising the benefits of a diverse workforce and welcoming clients from all backgrounds.

We seek to employ the best person for a role regardless of race, gender, religion or any other parameter and promote a working environment free from any form of discrimination or victimisation on any grounds.

We periodically monitor the diversity profile of our team through an anonymous collection of data. During this we gather statistics on age, gender, ethnicity, disability, faith, sexual orientation, socio-economic backgrounds and caring responsibilities. Whilst data in relation to all of these matters is disclosed to the ICAEW, we only publish a summary of some of these results on our website to protect the confidentiality of our team. Please find below a brief analysis from the most recent review (March 2023).

Please note some members of the Team may choose not to participate in the survey, therefore the results may not necessarily be representative of the Firm as a whole.