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As important as strategic business advice may be, preparing accurate annual accounts, on time, remains a vital service we perform for our clients.

Whether you operate as a limited company, sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP) or a trust, you need to deliver annual accounts. Those must comply with the UK generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) – rules set down by HMRC and Companies House.

We can handle this for you, for an agreed fee. The primary benefit is, of course, that it’s a job you no longer have to complete or worry about. That leaves you with more time to focus on growing your business.

In practice, it works like this:

  1. Our experienced team will take the data you provide.
  2. They’ll use that to prepare compliant annual accounts.
  3. You get to review them and sign them off.
  4. Then, if appropriate, we’ll submit them on your behalf.

There are other benefits to having us look after accounts preparation for you, too. First, it means you’ll always have reliable, concise and up-to-date financial information to support business decisions.

Secondly, it’s an opportunity for us to advise on improvements you could make to your systems to reduce your bookkeeping workload and the future cost of accounts preparation. A kind of healthcheck, really, to reduce overheads and increase your focus on the core business.

Finally, as an additional service, we can also provide easy-to-read graphs to help you spot important trends and ratios. Those come with detailed commentary from expert accountants. That will set you up well for the year ahead.

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