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Mar 2, 2023

RPD’s Directors cook a meal at Crawley Open House!

Our four Directors, Matthew Tyson, Darren Harding, Karen Corduff and Philip Hayden, went behind the scenes at Crawley Open House and cooked a delicious meal to support those in need.

Driven by our Foundation, we have been supporting the Crawley Food Bank Partnership, helping them tackle food poverty and the cost-of-living crisis in Crawley and the local community. Crawley Open House and the Easter Team support the Food Bank. Therefore, this was another way for them to show their support. 

Darren Harding said: “I have spent a lot of time working with charities over the years, helping behind the scenes on the finance side, but after talking to businesses about the benefits to all in CSR – it was nice to roll my sleeves up and help on the front line. It was good to support those in need and those that provide that support every day. It was good for us as a group of Directors to work together on this – and we also had fun in the process. Thank you Crawley Open House.”

Between the four of them, they cooked a delicious meat and vegetable lasagna meal, followed by a plum crumble!

Matthew Tyson said: “It was lovely to see just how much of a difference you can make and what happiness you can bring to somebody by simply providing a hot meal. And what a lot of enjoyment Darren, Karen, Phil and I had in the process!”

This was an excellent opportunity for the Directors to see the team who run Open House in action and to understand what they do daily to support local individuals and communities.

Philip Hayden said: “It was a privilege to be offered the chance, in a small way, to help in the great work of this charity”.

If you and your team have some free time one afternoon, we recommend contacting Ian Wilkins, the Fundraising and Relationships Manager, to see if you can book a slot to cook.

In a couple of weeks, we will announce the details of our annual Foot Golf Tournament, which is another one of our fundraiser activities to support the Food Bank.

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