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After the sudden death of the client’s father, who was an accountant, she was introduced to Richard Place Dobson by others who already had a relationship with us. We’ve helped the family of five with all their employment, tax, tax planning, properties and student finance.



“After a few conversations on the telephone, I realised I struck a chord and found it easy to speak with them. They made everything I had to ask easy and explained it in language that I could understand and made difficult tax affairs and other complicated problems solvable.

They got me straight away! It’s as though they know exactly how I tick and seem to know what I am going to say before I do, and always have the answers to the queries we have.

I can say that I actually know what I am talking about now when it comes to tax affairs and have been able to pass on my knowledge to others and will always recommend Richard Place Dobson’s tax team.”

L. Williams,

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