Overseas Businesses Operating in the UK

The UK has become a popular territory within which to operate, whether for a business looking to break into Europe or for a European operation looking to expand into the UK.

The raft of legislation pertaining to accounting regulations, employment taxes, business taxes, companies law requirements and so on, make the prospect of opening up a division within any country, the UK included, a daunting one. 

We act for many business that operate a division within the UK and therefore have a wealth of experience in dealing with issues such as:

  • Whether the UK operation should be a branch of the overseas entity of a separate legal entity in its own right, and how the operation should be structured
  • Providing a full bookkeeping and management reporting service for the UK operation
  • Dealing with inter-company issues, group reporting, interaction with overseas advisors etc
  • Advising on UK taxation matters and the interaction with the overseas business
  • Offering statutory audit services complying with all UK legislation and requirements
  • Providing company secretarial facility and back-up
  • Reporting to external regulators where applicable

Finally, we maintain strong links with other service providers such as banks and other financial institutions, lawyers, financial advisors, surveyors and other commercial agents, to ensure that in dealing with us, we can help solve all of your UK related business issues.

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