Setting Up a Charity

At Richard Place Dobson we recognise that setting up a charity and the rules and regulations that go with it can be confusing and intimidating.  Whether a registered charity or a not for profit organisation, we can help guide you through the minefield of charity regulation and explain the options available to you simply and concisely. 

Legally speaking, if you are considering setting up a charity in England or Wales, it must be set up "wholly and exclusively to carry out charitable purposes".  Assuming your charity meets this criteria, there are then further rules setting out whether the charity must register with the Charity Commission. Furthermore, the level of the charity's income will determine whether there is a formal requirement for a full charity audit or whether a less onerous Independent Examination will be enough to fulfil the statutory requirement. It may also be of benefit to operate through the medium of a limited company which has certain benefits but comes with extra statutory requirements.

Our experience in accounting for charities means that after your charity has been set up, we would also be able to help satisfy your legal and annual filing obligations.

Richard Place Dobson can advise on these complex areas, relieving the legislative burden from trustees, leaving you time to focus on other aspects such as fundraising and ensuring the charity's objectives are being met. 

To contact a member of our specialist charity team, please click here. Alternatively, contact us on 01293 521191.