COVID-19 Update

Many organisations are starting to see the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) ranging from cashflow shortages, a reducing onsite workforce, pressures on technology and reliability of supply chains for continuing business operations.

Employee safety and business continuity planning are key to ensuring a sustainable future through these challenging times.

At RPD, our own business continuity plan is in full force. All our team members have been set up to work from home and although we may be forced to close the office over the coming months, service will continue as normal to the best of our ability.

There is a lot of information and indeed mis-information about and it can be very confusing to try and work out what help is available. This is where we will try to help you. We are keeping ourselves up-to-date daily as things progress and our advisory team are briefing all team members regularly. So if you have any concerns over business continuity and what assistance there may be please give us a call.

Meanwhile, further information can be found at the World Health Organisation, UK Government and Mayor of London websites.

We are also regularly updating our own document which summarises the support available from the Government and can be found here.