Probate Case Study

Last month we took you through the pros and cons of DIY Probate v professional Probate and this month, we continue the discussion by presenting a case study from a client who has completed a Probate application with us.

One of our long-standing and loyal clients lost her father a few years ago and not long afterward she had to apply for Probate. At first, she started her application independently and soon realised that it is a highly complicated process and she didn’t have the time to dedicate her resources to go through the lengthy application process herself.

Our client started a freelance consultancy business back in 1998 and since then she has been using many of our services. It wasn’t until we were at a local event that she brought up her father's passing and this is when Managing Director, Matthew Tyson offered RPD’s services and explained that we can help with the Probate application.

Our client very kindly took the time to answer a few questions to tell us about her experience of using RPD’s Probate services.

1) What was your experience like using Richard Place Dobson’s services?

I have worked with Richard Place Dobson for as long as I can remember, and we have formed a strong relationship. The team are all approachable and very personable, I always laugh with them.

They were fantastic in helping me with my Probate application. I like that they don’t offer a standard service, instead, they tailor their offers for clients, depending on how much a client is wanting to pay for that service.

As I had started the application, I was quite keen to do some of the work myself and RPD supported me 100% with this. Equally, they can offer the service to complete the whole Probate application.

2) How did you first hear about Richard Place Dobson?

This is going back a while ago, but if my memory serves me well, I remember seeing their office and I think I read about them in the newspaper. I made an appointment with Matthew Tyson, who is now the Managing Director and I got on really well with him.

3) Which Team Member helped you with your Probate application?

John Corduff primarily helped me with my Probate application and as I’ve already built up trust with Matthew, I felt confident I was in safe hands with John. He kept me informed about the application throughout the whole process.

Alongside both Matthew and John, Philip Cooper at Richard Place Dobson assists me with my annual accounts and tax returns, and he has equally been fantastic.

4) Would you like to add any further comments about your Probate application?

My grandfather passed away several years ago and he didn’t have a Will set up, however, I was receiving correspondence from a local bank who was trying to get hold of me. At first, I didn’t really think anything of it and I wasn’t going to pursue anything further. However, John Corduff kindly suggested that he could look into this for me and take this off my hands. After several weeks, I was pleasantly surprised that John had located several documents and discovered that in fact, my grandfather had left me money in this bank account.

This is a true testament to Richard Place Dobson as a company and John Corduff as an individual who went that extra mile throughout. If it wasn’t for John, I’d never have pursued this or known that my grandfather had kindly left this money to me.

We’d like to thank our client for taking the time to work with us on this case study and we are so pleased we could help you with your Probate application. If you have any questions or concerns about applying for Probate, we’d be happy to have an initial discussion with you. As our client mentioned, we tailor our services to suit you.